• Babe Lazer Eyes

    Colorising the beach with her rainbow lazer eyes. This idea is straight out of a comic book, jajjja or even a memory from the 50ft tall woman. Collage art using several layers, cut from images and magazines featuring a vintage babe shooting beams of light across a crowded beach and a cowboy riding on her back.
  • Dancing Girls

    Vintage style Photomontage / Collage design. Mixed Media Art collage design, magazine cuts and digital trickery creating this piece that will brighten up any home or office workspace.
  • Diskoball Legs

    Photomontage / collage digital image design using multiple layers combined with layering techniques to combine the minimal music feature design with some added effects.
  • Flamenco Lightsabre Girls

    Retro Collage arte. Flamenco Spanish Girls in Feria dresses. Vintage images combined with multiple custom layers. In various size prints. CMYK High quality print on natural white, matte, ultra smooth paper. Custom trimmed with border for framing.


About My Work

I love to create these pieces from my imagination, drifting off into another place to deliver a mixture of surreal places and adventures weaving together old and new, retro and graphic culture

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